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Four Parts of Value in Real Estate Every kind of real estate derives its value from four characteristics: demand, supply, utility and transferability. Demand is the need or want. Supply is the quantity that’s available either immediately or in the foreseeable future. Utility is the property’s real (or perceived) capacity Read More

Real Estate Investing Terminology

If you’re into real estate of any kind, here is a list of common real estate investing terminology. Accessory Structure- building other than the principal structure that is used for purposes incidental to those of the principal structure; e.g., garage, barn, storage shed Acre- unit of measuring land, equivalent to Read More

Real Estate Investing Article Land Values

You own a property that has “prime development potential” written all over it. It’s got everything – great location, public utilities nearby, and zoning for a use that’s in demand. The market’s really hot and developers are contacting you every day to ask if you’re interested in selling. So you Read More