What’s it Worth? Real Estate Values Part 1

How Real Estate Values Aren’t Created It happens every year. People want to sell their home, building, or land and they get unrealistic with their prices. Most come up with super lofty prices and when their listing doesn’t get any bites, they wonder why.   This happens pretty much everywhere. Read More

What’s it Worth? Real Estate Values Part 2

How Real Estate Values Are Created: Part 2 Determining the value of what you can get for your house, building, land, etc… is pretty much a complex formula. For the most part, you’ll be working with your sales agent or broker and using recent comparables otherwise known as “comps.” Comps Read More

Real Estate Investing Article Zoning

Without a doubt, the single most important thing to know about a development property you’re thinking of buying is its zoning. That’s the starting point for your evaluation because it tells you how you can use the property.   By enacting land use laws, state legislatures delegate to local governments Read More

Real Estate Subdivision and Zoning Approval Process

There are many ways to develop real estate, but if you’re doing something more than renovating a fixer upper, like making structural changes, etc… you’re going to be needing permission from the city to move forward on your plans. Before you can subdivide or develop a property, first you’ll have Read More

Real Estate Investing Article Ground Rules

Interested in real estate investing? If so, you have to ask yourself “What kind of investor do I want to be?” You also have to factor in some other things like: Do you want to be a landlord? Do you wand to develop a piece of land and build on Read More

Real Estate Investing Article Property Disclosures

Making money in real estate investing is glorious, but it won’t happen until you put some hard work into understanding all the fine print. As buyers and sellers, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities relating to disclosure of property conditions. These exist because of laws enacted by Read More

Real Estate Investing Resources

Four Parts of Value in Real Estate Every kind of real estate derives its value from four characteristics: demand, supply, utility and transferability. Demand is the need or want. Supply is the quantity that’s available either immediately or in the foreseeable future. Utility is the property’s real (or perceived) capacity Read More

Real Estate Investing Terminology

If you’re into real estate of any kind, here is a list of common real estate investing terminology. Accessory Structure- building other than the principal structure that is used for purposes incidental to those of the principal structure; e.g., garage, barn, storage shed Acre- unit of measuring land, equivalent to Read More

Real Estate Investing Article Land Values

You own a property that has “prime development potential” written all over it. It’s got everything – great location, public utilities nearby, and zoning for a use that’s in demand. The market’s really hot and developers are contacting you every day to ask if you’re interested in selling. So you Read More